Scott Strunk Drum Studio: Drum Tracks

Scott Strunk, a leading drummer and educator in Central New Jersey, is available to record drum tracks for musicians and producers. He is also a drummer-for-hire; available for live performances around the Ti-State area.

In the studio, Scott starts by getting to know his clients and their music. After discussing the project and listening to the tracks, Scott creates the perfect drum part and records it in his state-of-the-art studio.

Scott's studio features state-of-art drums, percussion, and recording gear. Scott's clients get a completely pro sound at a reasonable price.

For live gigs, Scott is a true pro that musicians can rely on. He is on time, prepared, and armed with the skills to perform in all genres.

Click here to send Scott an e-mail, or call him at 908.874.4141 to discuss your project.

Click here to listen to the samples and purchase these albums.
The Alice Project
The Big Number
The Alice Project
Traveling with Lady Berlin
The Alice Project
Overnight Success
The Alice Project
The Girl on the Box
Soul Jazz Trio
Sandy Mack
That's What I'm Talkin' Bout
Renaissance Church
The Lens
2011 Release


GMS Grand Master Series
Toms - 8x8,10x7,12x9,14X14,16X14. Kick -16X22 Snare- 6.5x14.

DW Collector Series
Toms- 10x7,12x9,15x13. Kick-18x22.

Grestch - Renown Maple:
Toms-12x9, 14x14. Bass Drum 14X18. SNARE- 5.5x14.

Roland V-Drums

Other Snare Drums

Craviato: solid maple shell 5.5x14
Pork Pie: brass shell 6.5x14
Fibes: fiberglass shell 5.5x14
PDP:  maple 10x6

Plus a wide selection of cymbals and ethnic percussion instruments.

Studio Gear

- 2x API 3124 Microphone pre-amps (8channels)
- Apogee - Rosetta 800 converter (8 channels) - RME - Fireface 800 firewire interface with mic pres (9 channels) and midi i/o
- Apple Imac 21.5, 3.6ghz intel duo processor w/8mb ram.
- KRK V6 monitors
- Apple Logic pro audio software
- Sibelius 6 notation software
- 2x Audio Technica 4041, Studio Projects C1, Audix D1, 2xD2s, D4, D6. Shure sm57 & 2x KSM 81s.

Studio Photos