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The ideas in this book—written for beginners, professional drummers, and everyone in between—come from my 30 plus years of studying, playing, and teaching drums. As a student, I did not find one book that covered all of the information I needed to become a proficient drummer; as a veteran teacher of approximately 40 students a week for over 20 years, I wanted to share the methods I have refined in my successful teaching practice.

If you are a beginner, this book will help you get started with grip and reading. If you are a professional, the challenging exercises included in here will keep your skills tuned up. I encourage you to build upon the ideas in this book to inspire your playing. I present practical applications to show why you are practicing these basic skills and give you advice on how to practice.

Part 1 focuses on grip, technique, and basic reading of rhythms. Part 2 focuses on reading rhythms at all levels proficiently. Part 3 focuses on the 40 standard snare drum rudiments, sticking, and technique exercises. Part 4 focuses on drum set techniques, coordination, grooves, and soloing in different genres of music.

Although this book progresses in a logical sequence, I recommend skipping around to work on specific skills. If you can complete this book correctly, you will have a solid foundation and play better at every level. I have also incorporated some of the ideas from great drum books that I’ve used throughout my years in drumming, which I have named and recommended at the end of this book.

Enjoy your process towards better drumming!

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Bob DeVos, David Leonhardt, and Scott Strunk play a blend of pop tunes originals and blues in the jazz organ trio style.

Scott has performed jazz with Etta Jones, Cyrus Chestnut, Vic Juris, and Eric Alexander, to name a few. In addition to his jazz credits, he is a member of the pop/rock group The Alice Project and has toured the U.S. with a variety of acts.

David is truly a world-class musician having performed and recorded throughout North and South America, Europe, and the Middle and Far East. He has traveled and performed not only with his own groups, but with David "Fathead" Newman," Jon Hendricks, Manhattan Tap, Herbie Mann, Ron Carter, Hank Crawford, and Benny Carter, etc. This CD also showcases David's writing and arranging talents.

Bob is a guitarist equally at home with traditional jazz, r & b, and contemporary musical styles. He has performed and/or recorded with most of the great Hammond B-3 organists including Bill Doggett, Charles Earland, Jimmy McGriff, Jack MacDuff, Joey DeFrancesco, Richard "Groove" Holmes, and Dr. Lonnie Smith, etc. Bob has also performed/ recorded with Hank Crawford, Irene Reid, Dave Samuels, Stanley Turrentine, and Junior Cook.


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A 14 song treasure trove of styles and themes perfect for the MP3 generation.

This new CD is co-written with long time Alice Project guitarist Jimmy Leahey, who along with playing with the AP, has been touring with John Waite and Denis DeYoung over the past 4 years. Versatile bassist Al Greene who has been playing on broadway in Jersey Boys and traveling with various Broadway stars, also has a co-write, and drummer Scott Strunk, who has appeared on all 4 CDs stretches a bit on this one using industrial loops along with acoustic drums and inventive percussion.


Only $10 on CDBaby!
Alice Leon writes pop songs of the traditional variety. Harking back to vintage masters like Carole King (and adding just a hint of influence from modern pop rockers such as Aimee Mann, Jill Sobule and Shawn Colvin. Leon teams up with guitarist James Leahey on this (their 3rd CD and aptly titled) and frames her shimmery melodies in soaring band arrangements. Laden with infectious hooks, provocative lyrics and sing-a-long choruses that embrace substance"

Only $10 on CDBaby!
Alice makes lyric and melodic driven acoustic/alternative/indie rock that will connect with lovers of Carole King, Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega, Jill Sobule and John Lennon. Songs about faith, armchair warriors, love, botox, and regifting are neatly wrapped in masterful instrumentation. Alice is outspoken, funny...a master story teller...and extremely honest.

Alice can take some comments on love, and make you love in that moment.

She can make some comments on pain and hurt, put some sharp wit and a fun groove to it - and help you remember that you can rely on yourself to get through.

But overall, people look to rock & roll to take them away from the chores and work of their lives - to escape, have fun, find joy, understand emotions, feel...


Only $10 on CDBaby!
In 1998, the Alice Project's recording career was off to a promising start with The Big Number, which showed band leader Alice Leon to be an expressive, highly appealing singer/songwriter along the lines of Sheryl Crow and Edie Brickell. Leon, who produced and arranged this excellent CD with Alice Project keyboardist Scott Monetti, brings a great deal of warmth and vulnerability to personal-sounding pop/rock offerings like "Bob," "All That I Wanted," "Knight in Shining Armor," and "Goodbye Old Friend (The Shaka Song)."

But for all of her vulnerability and introspection, Leon never comes across as wimpy or waifish. The Princeton, NJ, resident isn't afraid to let her sensitivity show, but unlike some of the singer/songwriters who emerged in the '90s, she never sounds whiny and refuses to drown the listener in self-pity. Anyone who has spent a lot of time listening to Crow, Brickell, or Carole King should make a point of hearing The Big Number.

Coming soon!